I've had the opportunity to work on a range of projects - here are some of my favorites:


User Test Fest

This event is at the crux of two things I love - feedback and community. What started as a bootstrapped event in 2015 has now grown to a community of folks who care about creating products users love.

I produced four events in three cities this year, each of which reached hundreds of people who learned how fun and simple user testing can be. You can find out about our next events here.

The Hackening

The Hackening was a two-day company-wide hackathon aimed at improving the customer and employee experiences at Wistia. I spent a month prepping the team with brainstorming sessions and coaching to ensure their ideas could successfully be executed. The outcome was nothing less than incredible - the team rallied and built some amazing things (including the 360 video player and a phone booth for the Sales Team). 

You can read more about it here.

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Pixartprinting Information Architecture

When Pixartprinting launched it's North American business in 2016, I was the second person hired on the team. I inherited an e-commerce website and marketing strategy aimed at their European customer base. In two months, I overhauled the information architecture of the .com site to match the experience our US customers wanted. I created mockups, conducted user tests and coordinated with our international product team to launch a site our users could navigate more intuitively.